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Cow Town

Cow Town

Maybe it’s my cowgirl heritage, who knows? I love the Fort Worth Stock Yards. I can spend hours in the art gallery’s,  wander through the museums, eat a great steak at my favorite restaurant or have a cold beer in one of my favorite watering holes. If your into antiques there are several stores that will be of interest, rodeo’s and wild west shows round out the day.

600x25spacerFort Worth Stockyards

The arrival of railroads in 1876 made the area a very important livestock center. Fort Worth Union Stockyards opened for business on January 19, 1890, covering 206 acres. On February 7, the Fort Worth Dressed Meat and Packing Company was founded. This facility was operated without profit until purchased by G. W. Simpson of Boston. In an effort to produce revenue, they reached out to the Swift and Armour companies to establish packing houses. By 1886 four stockyards had been built near the railroads. Boston capitalist Greenleif W. Simpson, with a half dozen Boston and Chicago associates, incorporated the Fort Worth Stock Yards Company on March 23, 1893, and purchased the Union Stock Yards and the Fort Worth Packing Company. The Stockyards experienced early success. By 1907, the Stockyards sold a million cattle per year. The stockyards was an organized place where cattle, sheep, and hogs could be bought, sold and slaughtered. Fort Worth remained an important part of the cattle industry until the 1950s. Business suffered due to livestock auctions held closer to the where the livestock were originally produced.

The Stockyards


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